How Can I Restore My Driver's License?

In North Carolina, your driver's license can be suspended or revoked for a wide range of reasons such as repeated traffic violations, a DUI/DWI or refusal to take a breath test. Falling behind in child support payments or failing to appear in court can also result in loss of license.

For many, loss of their driver's license makes it difficult to earn a living. Not to mention the difficulty in performing everyday tasks like grocery shopping or driving your children to school and other activities.

There is a way to get your driver's license back. The law office of Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC, can help. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, attorney Peter D. Zellmer helps individuals throughout the triad area restore their driver's licenses after a suspension or revocation.


Getting Your License Back After A Suspension

If your driver's license was suspended, you need to take steps to get your license reinstated — waiting out the suspension period is not enough. After the suspension period ends, you must apply for a new driver's license and pay a restoration fee. If your license was suspended for drunk driving or another criminal conviction, you may have to take additional steps, such as attending alcohol education classes or a driver improvement clinic, or retake the written or behind-the-wheel test.


Reinstating A Revoked Driver's License

In North Carolina, your driver's license can be permanently revoked if you have three DUI/DWI convictions or three moving violations while driving on a suspended license/DWLR. However, after a set waiting period — three years for revocations caused by DWLR, 10 years for revocations caused by repeat DUI/DWI — you can petition to have your license reinstated by the DMV if you have not had any violations.

Depending on your circumstances, attorney Peter D. Zellmer may submit a Motion for Appropriate Relief to have your past traffic offenses and judgments removed from your record. He will advocate for you at the DMV hearing, providing compelling evidence and arguments in favor of license reinstatement.


Take Preventative Steps To Save Your Driver's License

Many people don't want to spend money on an attorney after being charged with a traffic offense. But it's important to note: if you have repeated traffic violations, your driver's license could be revoked. No driver's license means no work. And no work means no money. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, a lawyer can save you money rather than costing you money.


Contact Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC

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