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Protect Your Rights And Freedom After A Criminal Charge

If you've been charged with a crime, timing is of the essence. As you read this, police and prosecutors are at work, building a case against you. The best way to protect yourself and your rights is to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Do not wait to get legal help.

For a strong, effective defense in Greensboro, North Carolina, and surrounding areas, contact attorney Peter D. Zellmer. With years of experience, attorney Zellmer is a dedicated advocate with a reputation for results. He will fight your charges and fight for your rights.

Who Better To Defend You Than A Former Prosecutor?

Before opening his criminal defense practice, Peter D. Zellmer worked as an Assistant District Attorney. He knows the criminal justice system from the inside out and brings this insight to defending his clients. He knows how his former colleagues build cases and what it takes to defeat them before judges and juries.

Putting Your Charges Behind You

A criminal charge can change the trajectory of your life. Heavy fines, jail time, a permanent criminal record — all can have a lasting impact on your ability to drive, get a job, or apply to college or graduate school, and to get federal financial aid. Peter D. Zellmer is well-known for his ability to formulate swift, decisive courses of action that can put your problem behind you.

He will work hard to help put you back on the road after a drunk driving arrest, repair your driving record and restore your license to drive, preserve your freedom and reputation after a drug charge or sex offense allegation, and assist you in avoiding life-changing punishments such as jail or prison, heavy fines, a criminal record and damage to employment prospects.

Get Legal Help Now. Contact Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC, Today.

Every day you wait to get legal help is another day the prosecution has to build its case. Do not wait any longer. 
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